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These humans remain blissfully unaware of the zombie threat hatching next door.

Humans are the living, current masters of the world. Their destiny is to become dead, past masters of the zombie-infested world by donating their fresh brains to the zombies. Their selfless sacrifice will be forgotten as your undead hordes gnaw on them, but c'est la vie.

Features[edit | edit source]

  • Humans are food and recruits for your cause (of slaughtering the world). Zombies will kill humans and convert them to your cause and feast on their flesh to keep themselves alive. Dead. Undead. Not expired, at any rate.
  • Unlike zombies, humans are smart and don't appreciate being gnawed upon. While the early levels will feature blissful humans that are (relatively) easy prey, as your horde advances, humans will become smarter, deadlier, and hide behind environmental features and traps to kill your precious undead a second time.

Types[edit | edit source]

Humans come in all shapes and sizes, and none of them want to be eaten. Some will simply run and hide, while others will stand their ground and fight with whatever they have on hand.

  • Victim: Unarmed and easily spooked, they will either run and scream, or stand in place, cowering and paralyzed with fear. Their purpose is to serve as feeding fodder for zombies and grow the horde in size. They die in one hit.
  • Gunner: A man with a revolver and an attitude, he isn't scared as easily as Victims are. He fires his gun a few times before retreating back some and firing some more, and can fire six times before he needs to reload, during this point he's vulnerable, but he will only reload when he is cornered, or there are no Zombies in sight. It normally takes two bullets to kill each zombie, but he will occasionally score a lucky headshot, killing the zombie with only one bullet. They are a generally low threat, and can often be easily overpowered with 4 to 6 zombies. They die in one hit.
  • Melee: A man with a melee weapon, likely a bat or metal pipe. This human will moronically charge at the hordes, no matter the size, and swing for the face. They kill in one swing, but become exhausted and have to catch their breath after four to five swings, during this point they are vulnerable. They are a moderate threat, and can be overpowered with 6-7 zombies. They die in one hit.
  • Shotgunner: A man with a pump-action shotgun. This man does not run away, ever, even while he reloads. He kills in one shot, and can fire either 6 or 8 times before he needs to reload, which takes a fair amount of time, during this point he's vulnerable. They are a moderate threat, and can be overpowered with 9-10 zombies. They die in one hit.
  • Officer: A police officer toting a fully-automatic assault rifle. They are more accurate than Thugs, but don't always kill with one shot. Their large 30 round magazines make up for this. They will retreat when they need to reload. Even one officer can wipe out a large majority of a horde, so it's recommended you stun them with a scream, use alot of runners, or have a tank take the fire. they are a high-level threat and require alot of zombies to overpower without using abilities. They die in one hit.
  • Riot Troopers (CRS): A police officer carrying a baton and riot shield, dressed up in riot armor. These are the police equivalent of Bruisers and still kill in one hit, except they can swing more times before tiring out, and they are NOT vulnerable while catching their breath, as they still block with their shields while recovering. They must be stunned with a scream, approached from both sides, or, a Crawler can attack the Riot Trooper before he can block with his shield, it is recommended to use Crawlers on these guys. They are a high-level threat and require special tactics to overpower. They die in two hits, due to the riot armor taking a hit for them or one explosion, however, a Crawler's standard two-swipe attack will instantly kill a Riot Trooper.
  • Brawler/MiB Brawler: A large, heavily-muscled man that punches Zombies, kills in one hit, and attacks very rapidly. They are vulnerable when they tire out, but if a normal zombie bites them they start attacking again. They almost always need to be stunned with a scream, however, a Crawler's fast attack animation will often hit and kill them first, and a tank can still hit them through the barrage of jabs they throw. They are a very high-level threat and require special tactics to overpower. They die in four hits, two explosions, a Crawler's double-swipe will kill them instantly, and so will a tank's attack.
  • MiB Gunner: Elite guards of a secret group researching the zombies, they are the government equivalent of Thugs. They use silenced handguns and can fire 15 times before needing to reload. Their accuracy is better than an Officer's, so they almost always score head shots, they also shoot fast. They retreat when a zombie starts to get close. It is recommended that they be stunned or spit at, as they can attack from a long range. They are a moderate threat but still take quite a few zombies to overpower. They die in two hits.
  • MiB Rifleman: Same as MiB Gunner but they most likely different, they shoot about 35 bullets, they cease fire and retreat when zombies near him, reloads faster than Officer, nearly almost headshot the zombies. Can be infected by using Combination Syringe. They die in two hits.
  • MiB Shotgunner: A female bodyguard who guards in secret base, she advance quickly and run a lot faster to the zombies but only 3 zombies. She’s brave. Non-headshots on her capabilities is disabled, fires 4 rounds, reloads slow. Can be infected by using Combination Syringe. They die in two hits.
  • Michelle: a girl in a hood covered in zombie blood because of that she cannot be attacked by zombies. she poses a high threat. she can only be killed with explosives or spit and can kill normal zombies in 1 hit. A recommended way to kill her is to use explosive mutations. spitting is also effective
  • Sniper: A woman armed with an AWP sniper rifle that is able to instantly kill zombies with head shots. She only retreats when zombies get too close. She does not need to reload, and instead primes her gun. She poses an extremely high threat and it is extremely difficult to overrun her since she can take out large groups of zombies quickly and kill tanks in 3 shots. A good way to kill her is to use explosive mutation to blow her up from behind while she is distracted with other zombies or spitting at her from long range. She reloads only when zombies are far away enough from her. She primes her gun slower when zombies are close to her
  • Football Brawler: Exclusive to stadium massacre, these guys are essentially reskinned as Brawlers.
  • Cheerleaders: once again solely appearing on stadium massacre, these girls will hop out from the stands and attack zombies with a flurry of punches and kicks. they are like bodyguards/football players only with less health and more weaknesses as they can be killed with runners, stunning by screams, or exploding.
  • Molotov throwers: They light molotov cocktails and fling them in an arc at the horde, if at a fixed position the molotovs will land at a consistant spot but if they are on the move (ex. burger kill) then the molotovs will change landing areas, any zombies caught in the blast save for tanks will be instantly killed. they are only a threat if they are out of reach but if not treat them as you would a regular victim.
  • Lumberjack: the ash williams ripoffs, these guys appear only in chapter 4. Wield a chainsaw, they instantly charge foward swinging it around and instantly killing any zombie including tanks in their path and are a massive threat as they can wipe out massive hordes single handedly, they can be killed with a crawler's steath attack, the tank's charge ability, spitting, or explosions. Note: chainsaw men will charge regardless of surrounding areas meaning they will leap into chasms or off high ledges to their deaths.
  • preachers: added in the moonwalker dlc, these cult leaders have a mastery over pyromancy. Upon encountering a zombie these guys will charge foward, chanting in an ancient language, spewing a pillar of fire that kills any human or zombie caught in it's path making them a force to be reckoned with They can be killed with explosions, crawler's stealth, spitting, or tank charges. they die in one hit
  • ninjas: another dlc human, these girls have all the same abilities as the crawler apart from fitting into vents. They take no fall damage, can climb up walls and rapidly hack and slash through crowds. But they are not a huge threat as they are relatively weak. they can be killed by runners, crawlers, explosions, spitting, tanks, and running tanks.
  • suicide bombers: exploding enemies, hard to kill and annoying. Suicide bombers will run directly at zombies and blow them selves up like walking hand grenades, killing any nearby zombies as well as themselves. They cannot be turned into zombies by any means as when they are bitten/scratched they will use their last dying breath to blow themselves up anyway. they die in one hit
  • priestesses: likely the hardest enemy to kill in the game, priestesses were introduced in the moonwalker dlc. Upon spotting zombies they will summon up an impenatrable forcefield that repels explosions and spit and will instantly disintegrate any zombie that comes in contact with it. They can only be killed by a stealthy crawler or by exploding/spitting before they can get the shield up. they die in one hit
  • spacemen: when you reach the moon you'll encounter these guys, weilding laser guns that can instantly disintegrate a zombie but with a slow fire rate and can only be aimed in a straight line. these guys can easily be evaded with plainning or simply rushed as they cannot take out an entire horde with a single blast. they cannot be turned into zombies as shattering their helmet causes their heads to explode. they also have jetpacks that prevent fall damage and greatly increase their mobility. they can be killed by runners, tanks, spit, and explosions

astro goliath: the last moonwalker dlc human, these guys are beefed up versions of the spacemen with faster fire rates and more health