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RIP AND TEAR is what this hulking monstrosity would scream if its vocal chords weren't completely rotten. Not that it matters to the unfortunate humans getting ripped and torn.

Mutations are a special feature of zombies, allowing them to develop new abilities and adapt to the challenges of a given map. Whether it's a light slasher or a bulky hulk, mutations are essential to success - especially since they can synergize into combos.

  • overlords: the first mutation you come across in chapter one and by far one of the most useful, when a zombie is changed into an overlord their torso falls to the ground at their feet in a pile of gore leaving behind only their heads, spines, and arms to command the horde. Smarter than the average zombie they are able to order around the regular grunt zombies who can still walk and direct them to the path of greatest destruction, they can make zombies change direction or keep them from walking off a cliff or into heavy fire. Note that overlords are almost completely defenseless on their own and can be killed in one hit by any offensive human. They cost 1 dna to create and yield 4 dna when sacrificed
  • crawlers: the second mutation that makes it's debut in chapter two, crawlers are like upgraded versions of regular zombies, when changed their legs bend back wards and their hands sprout claws, causing them to walk or crawl on all fours. they move at the same speed and have the same amount of health but attack twice as fast with a double swipe making it easy for them to take out stronger humans such as bodyguards and riot troopers. They can also scale up walls and fit into small crawl spaces which opens up numerous alternate routes to get around traps. Crawlers also don't take fall damage and will survive a drop from nearly any height. Lastly crawlers also have a unique ability to sneak up behind humans completely undetected, as long as the human in question is facing away from a crawler the won't detect it's presence until it's too late. Crawlers cost 3 dna to create and yield 6 dna when sacrificed
  • Tanks: the third and final mutation introduced in chapter 3, the tank is the biggest and strongest of the zombie groups, when changed the zombie's body inflates like a balloon one limb at a time until it is a giant muscle bound tank. Acting great in both offensive situations in crushing large groups of humans and defensive when shielding the horde from incoming fire. The tank can kill any human in one hit (except for bosses) and can absorb massive amounts of damage including explosive rounds and sniper shots. However they aren't invulnerable as they move the same speed as normal zombies and can be killed instantly by michelle, chainsaw men, lasers, acid pits, steam, getting crushed, or simply when they take too much damage. They take reduced fall damage but are still vulnerable to it, and when they land from a jump they crush any humans they land on as well as sending the ones nearby flying. They cost 20 dna to create and yield 12 when sacrificed.