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A group of zombies looking for someone to eat.

Zombies are your pets, cannon fodder, footsoldiers, and charges - all in one. It is through them that your reign of terror will be executed. Incredibly dumb, shambling, and generally ineffective unless guided by a superior intelligence (you), they are the instrument of doom. Probably.

Features[edit | edit source]

  • You control your zombie horde directly, leading them to humans, who provide both fodder for the zombies and source of new zombies. The more humans your zombies eat, the more zombies you'll have to feed more humans to.
  • Zombies are incredibly stupid, on account of not having any functioning gray matter. As such, you need to take care of them and guide them to their targets. Clever use of the environment, zombies themselves, and mutations and their combos will definitely help with that goal.
  • Zombies can destroy the environment to reach humans. Sacrificing some dead matter may be tactically useful to gain access to living matter to convert.